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Voyages Gallia is a French Travel Agency established after the Second World War in 1949. The headquarters are located in Paris. 

Bruno Peynichou, Owner and General Manager of Voyages Gallia comes from the province of Limousin in France. He learned the game of golf from his grandfather at a young age.  He graduated from HEC, the most prestigious French National Business School.  He has worked for many years for American Express in Chicago.  Upon his return to France, he pursued his Ԇrench DreamԠof owning a Travel Agency

Today he is proud to lead 70 travel agents & golf specialists in France, United States & Dubai arrange more than 1500 golf trips annually both for individuals and groups in all over the world.

We believe itӳ time to advertise and promote French golf courses and "Art de Vivre" to our clients from overseas. 

Get ready to discover the country selected to host the Ryder Cup in 2018 on the Albatros Course, in Golf National near Paris.